Wonderfruit Festival: An Epic 4-Day Celebration of Arts, Music, Culture, and More

"Wonderfruit is about bringing communities together in Thailand, to nurture collaborative, creative cultures and inspire celebration of the arts and the adventure of sustainable living."

Our Wonderfruit friends in Pattaya, Thailand are getting ready for their epic 4-day celebration of arts, music, food, culture, and more. The festival boasts an eclectic lineup, including hip hop legend Mos Def and world-renowned surreal electronic circus act Lucient Dossier. But music is only one sliver of the endless festival activities scheduled for Wonderfruit this December. Experimental workshops, live art, healing drum circles, and Thai street food is only the beginning.

Attracting festival goers from all over the world, Wonderfruit will be a melting pot of conscious, creativity-driven travelers! Be apart of the epic celebration this December 17th - 20th, and buy tickets here