IJ Spring Issue 3

Issue 3

Joigny | Kauai | Mopti | Punakha | Kii Hanto

Contributor Bios

Benjamin Kirkpatrick

Chandler Leachman

Cristina J. Baptista-

Cristina J. Baptista is a Portuguese-American poet, writer, educator, and bibliophile. Most recently, her work has appeared in Structo Magazine, The Wayfarer, Cura, and elsewhere. She holds a Ph.D. in English from Fordham University and currently teaches American Literature at a private school in Connecticut. She is also a 38th Voyager—one of 85 people in the world selected to travel on the 38th Voyage of the Charles W. Morgan, an 1841 wooden whale ship that is the last remaining one in the world—as well as a documenter and poet of the Portuguese immigrant experience aboard whale ships.

Gordie Roomba

Heidi Morrell-

Heidi writes in Los Angeles and lives in an old house with her two kids, patient husband, one dog and two cats. She’s been ardently writing since age nine, but only recently, began to submit her work to the wider world.

Jordan Mounteer (cover)-

Jordan Mounteer has appeared in numerous Canadian and American publications, including Matador Network, Hush Magazine, and Rebelle Society. He has spent the last five years traveling throughout Japan, South America, South East Asia, and Australia/N.Z.

Peter Leddy (credits/editors note)

Rachel Hoffman-

Rachel Hoffman is a widely-traveled Oregon writer whose work in Africa earned her a PhD. Her memoir, Toubab, from which her published piece is excerpted, says what her academic work could not. She is the recipient of several residencies and her debut novel, Packer and Jack, won an Oregon Literary Arts Fellowship and was published in 2013.

IJ Fall Issue 2

Issue 2

Zanzibar | Kerala | Varanasi | San Francisco | Paris

Contributor Bios

Brendon Mikronis-

Brendon is an international Travel photographer that captures the essence of everyday scenes with his unique perspectives and ability to immerse himself quickly into an unknown place. www.unisoulphotography.com

Dale Johnson (cover)-

Dale Johnson received his first Nikon camera as a graduation present from high school, over 30 years ago. He now works full time for a company that allows him to travel the world. Dale's photography can be found on http://500px.com/drjhnsn

Jackson Howard-

Jackson Howard is a writer and editor from Los Angeles and a student at the University of Michigan. He is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Not Mad (www.notmad.us), an online publication exhibiting and discussing music, art and pop culture through the eyes of media-savvy almost adults. He has recently spent an entire year of traveling outside of the United States - first for three months in Northern India, and five months living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Jazzmine Raine-

With an educational background in professional writing and event management, Jazzmine Raine decided to give up her successful career in corporate and social event management to pursue her love of traveling. She continues her passion for writing by contributing to online publications such as SharpHeels, www.sharpheels.com, and her own personal blog Sunshine & Raine, www.sunshineandraine.com. She travels and volunteers throughout Asia and Africa and is currently developing her own non profit foundation Raine for Water, www.raineforwater.org.

Joaquin Alonso-

Joaquin Alonso is an published travel writer an an ecologist (M.S.) with over twenty years of experience across the globe. As an ecologist, Joaquin strives to immerse her self while traveling to taste the essence of a destination, to discover what lies behind the facade. She believes traveling is more than checking out the amenities offered to tourists.

Julia Nachemson

Tom Glendinning-

Tom Glendinning is a versatile Freelance Photographer living in Bath, with a broad portfolio spanning multiple industries. Available to take on photographic work throughout the UK, Tom is a resourceful, energetic and enthusiastic professional. He always aims to provide the best possible service in a personable, honest manner. http://www.tomglendinning.co.uk

IJ Spring Issue 1

Issue 1

Taichung | Bangkok | Athens | Fort Cochin | Berlin

Contributor Bios

Angela Waldron (cover)-

Angela Waldron is an award-winning writer and photographer whose love of adventure has taken her across the United States, Europe, and Asia. After getting her BA in Anthropology she spent four years in Turkey documenting traditional occupations and studying Islamic mysticism. She has contributed over thirty articles illustrated with her photographs to a variety of publications including Discovery Central Asia, Kindred Spirit, Knives Illustrated, Odyssey (Greece), Open Central Asia, Pipes and Tobacco, Renaissance, and Wild Fibers.

Gaia Passarelli-

Gaia Passarelli is a 37 year old music and travel writer from São Paulo, Brazil. Gaia started writing in the late 90's and worked as interviewer for MTV Brazil between 2010-2013, covering some of the biggest music festivals in the world. Gaia writes for several local publications, and collaborates as Brazilian editor for Matador Network.

Gtimothy Gordon-

Gtimothy Gordon has received the National Endowment for the Arts & Humanities Fellowships and writing residencies, while several of his poems have been nominated for Pushcarts. His representative fiction and poetry has appeared in numerous journals and publications including Sonora Review, South Florida Literary Annual, Texas Observer and more. Gtimothy divides personal and professional lives between Asia and the Mountain/Desert Southwest.

Hannah Bonner-

Hannah Bonner's poems have appeared in Oyster Boy Review, The Cellar Door, Asheville Poetry Review, The Freeman, The North Carolina Literary Review, and The Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume VII: North Carolina. She has a book review of Robert Pinsky’s Singing School forthcoming in The Asheville Poetry Review and an essay published on December 9th, 2014 on VIDA: Women in Literary Arts.

Kurt Meichtry-

Kurt Meichtry lives in upstate New York, where he finances his travels by working as a claims manager. Kurt earned his BA in Economics from Nazareth College in 2006.

Lauren Boulus-

Lauren Boulus is a professional fashion and beauty writer living in New York City. She earned her MFA in Fiction from New York University, and her short stories, personal essays, and poems have appeared in a variety of online and print publications. Lauren is passionate about art, travel, music, pilates, and exploring the world through the written word.