IJ Fall Issue 2

Issue 2

Zanzibar | Kerala | Varanasi | San Francisco | Paris

Contributor Bios

Brendon Mikronis-

Brendon is an international Travel photographer that captures the essence of everyday scenes with his unique perspectives and ability to immerse himself quickly into an unknown place. www.unisoulphotography.com

Dale Johnson (cover)-

Dale Johnson received his first Nikon camera as a graduation present from high school, over 30 years ago. He now works full time for a company that allows him to travel the world. Dale's photography can be found on http://500px.com/drjhnsn

Jackson Howard-

Jackson Howard is a writer and editor from Los Angeles and a student at the University of Michigan. He is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Not Mad (www.notmad.us), an online publication exhibiting and discussing music, art and pop culture through the eyes of media-savvy almost adults. He has recently spent an entire year of traveling outside of the United States - first for three months in Northern India, and five months living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Jazzmine Raine-

With an educational background in professional writing and event management, Jazzmine Raine decided to give up her successful career in corporate and social event management to pursue her love of traveling. She continues her passion for writing by contributing to online publications such as SharpHeels, www.sharpheels.com, and her own personal blog Sunshine & Raine, www.sunshineandraine.com. She travels and volunteers throughout Asia and Africa and is currently developing her own non profit foundation Raine for Water, www.raineforwater.org.

Joaquin Alonso-

Joaquin Alonso is an published travel writer an an ecologist (M.S.) with over twenty years of experience across the globe. As an ecologist, Joaquin strives to immerse her self while traveling to taste the essence of a destination, to discover what lies behind the facade. She believes traveling is more than checking out the amenities offered to tourists.

Julia Nachemson

Tom Glendinning-

Tom Glendinning is a versatile Freelance Photographer living in Bath, with a broad portfolio spanning multiple industries. Available to take on photographic work throughout the UK, Tom is a resourceful, energetic and enthusiastic professional. He always aims to provide the best possible service in a personable, honest manner. http://www.tomglendinning.co.uk